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About Us.


                                                           Wonder Productions is a digital media company that specializes

                                                          in weddings and event cinematography and photography. We are

                                                         based out of Northwest Iowa, but our reach stretches all across

                                                        Iowa and its neighboring states.


                                                To date, the prize for furthest wedding goes to Hoven, SD at

                                                   4 hours and 45 mins.


                                                Why would we travel so far? Because life is short, and there are far

                                                 more important things that we worry about than how much we spend

                                                  on gas (like the relationships we grow and the lives we impact.) We

                                                   understand connectivity is everything. That's why  we actually

                                                   include a physical meet-up in every package that includes a

                                                    dinner on us and the opportunity for you to ask us all of your

                                                     questions in person. Our mission is to walk in on your big day

                                                      and greet you like an old friend.


                          Another core value that our business stands by is servanthood. When you hire

                    us, you aren't just getting a photographer or videographer. You're also hiring door

                    holders, guest greeters, water and sandwich runners,  chair getters, plate clearers,

                       and so much more! Image is everything to us, but we don't do it so we look

                                 good. We do it because it's the right thing to do, and it's that simple.

                                                                   So, what makes us stand out amongst the crowd?

                                                          We know how to both capture moments as well as create them. We

                                                          believe that the best way to make you look good on camera is to help

                                                          you loosen up and have fun. We aren't afraid to be zanny and

                                                        "unprofessional" to capture the shot. It might be laying on the ground

                                                        beneath you while you throw the groom in the air, or it could be hopping

                                                       on the party bus on your way to the local bar! No matter what, you can

                                                        count on one thing for sure... we will always show up your guests on

                                                         the dance floor if your DJ plays Footloose. 

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